Heal Your Body & Mind

Working out in new studios + checking out different classes is intimidating… but Alex Miller is that tough love, hard-hitting, ray of sunshine instructor who eases you into it. I’ve not only had the pleasure of taking a variety of her classes and becoming friends with this awesome human being, but I’ve got to witness first hand her building a supportive community focusing on prenatal + postnatal fitness.

Wellcircle Collective

wellcircle is a community of women benefiting from pelvic floor support to reconnect and align with their bodies. Whether you are newly postpartum or it has been years, we're here to help. We nurture you so that you can live your life without any setbacks.

WellCircle is launching soon, and will be providing you with expert pilates, meditation, and nutrition tools to celebrate your body for the miracle that it is. You’ll find your strength, and they’ll guide the way.

More details, and sign up for more information here: Wellcircle Collective