Postnatal Fitness Club: Yes, It's Real...

… And it’s spectacular!

In enter Tight Club’s Postnatal Fitness Club lead by Rachelle Bonneville. Mamas, and mamas-to-be, we all know how drastically a body changes before, during and after pregnancy; More so when you’ve birthed your babes. So it’s more important than ever to make space for ourselves and our temples of bodies after having our littles to work on slowly but surely properly strengthening and realigning our bodies.

Sometimes easier said than done, I hear you + I totally get it first hand, and that’s why I love Tight Club’s Postnatal Fitness Class so much, they get it too. You can come with or without your babes, bring a car seat, stroller, or a little baby mat for your babes to lay on. Whatever works for you, works for them! Not just that, but there’s no stress about you, your babes or the class having to be perfect or perfectly quiet. Sometimes babies cry, and that’s fine. You need to stop to take a breastfeeding break, all good. My littles will workout with me for 2 minutes, and then go back to their table and colour, that works too.

So when does those mama magic go down? Every Tuesday at 1045AM at Tight Club’s homebase in Chinatown. Rachelle sets us up with a solid foundation of movements to strengthen all our parts that have shifted during pregnancy + birthing. Functional stuff that can be used and applied in our every day. And we all enter the studio at different levels, she’s here to support that and provide us with a variety of alternatives to use.