What's Trending for Hair

Who doesn't love treating themselves to some quiet time... and getting your hair done at that. We had the opportunity to sit down with Vancouver owner, operator of Veronica Gomes Hair and mama-extraordinaire Veronica Gomes to talk about what's trending in hair for Spring 2018. She's a mama to one (and one on the way), and has been keeping it fresh in the industry for over a decade.

What are 2 big hair trends
We will be seeing lots of hair accessories! Bows have made a major come back.  They will be paired with a simple ponytail. It's all about simplistic hair styles with elaborate hardware this fall and winter. 

Monochromatic color will be all the rage! One solid color from root to ends with major shine is what everyone will be wanting for the last half of this year. 

Let's talk about that long hair everyone is rocking. What's the difference between clip-in, tape-in & weave, extensions
All 3 types of hair extensions add gorgeous length and fullness to hair.  Clips-ins can go on and off as you please and are very easy to do on your own at home.  Tape-ins and weaves are applied by a trained professional and can last about 6-8 weeks.  Check out the magic on Veronica Gomes Instagram.

After mama has had baby, what do you recommend for healthy hair treatment
We always recommend that new mamas never neglect their hair just because baby has arrived (I know, easier said than done). As a new mother it's so important to come in for regular trims and treatments every 12 weeks as her hair may be shedding and changing due to hormones.

(Side note: I know from personal experience how baby + family friendly Veronica's salon is. I've come in pregnant, then with all 3 kids, and even breastfed while in the chair. It's great because Veronica is a mother herself so she empathizes and does everything to make you as comfortable as possible)

Do mamas come to your salon, and how do they juggle having their kids there while getting their hair done
Yes, a huge percentage of our guests are moms! Children are always welcome. At our salon and my team and I do our very best to make them feel at home.  Our mama guests are really great about packing their kids treats, toys and games to keep them busy.  

Breastfeeding at Hair Salon 001.jpg

Mama + Babe

Nursing at the salon

What can we do to protect our hair as the season change
One word, Olaplex!  It has changed so many lives, Lol. Everyone should have this treatment in the shower.

For more information or for a consultation, check out Veronica Gomes Hair.