Harlow Atelier: I Love This Place

I've been a fan of the brand Harlow since it was born a handful of years ago. Their inspiring philosophy, the passionate owner/operator + team and the thoughtfully created, natural products. Lucky for us Vancouverites, owner (and new mama) Chrystal opened up a brick + mortar shop, and it was just as inspiring as I imagined it to be. I got to catch up with Chrystal and chat about her rituals and favourite things.

What is your name and what do you do
My name is Chrystal Macleod, I own Harlow Skin Co. A whole ingredient skin care brand in Vancouver BC. We recently opened our first shop dedicated to daily rituals from skincare to internals remedies to home-goods, all sourced ethically, sustainably and responsibly! I love to educate people about themselves, how their body works and what to incorporate for optimum health and wellness for their best life.

655 east 15th Ave. Vancouver BC.

655 east 15th Ave. Vancouver BC.

How did Harlow come to be
I have been a make up artist for over 15 years, and have done many skin consultations, it all starts within. The majority of what’s happening on the inside manifests externally however there is a divide that happens in our brain at some point that separate’s the two. We don’t need complicated skincare if we take care of ourself.

Harlow is clean, natural, no bullshit skincare to help give what we are lacking and work synergistically with what we put into our own self care. While working as an artist I was exposed to all these brands that had long unpronounceable ingredients with nothing that was remotely natural and if the natural ingredients were in there they were alllll the way at the bottom (essentially useless). The day came where I didn’t want to put any of those products on my skin so I went to work creating something for myself... fast forward a handful of years and here we are!

If a product has water as the first ingredient then there needs to be a preservative, water creates the chemical reaction that makes the product go off, if you leave out the water then you are left with a whole ingredient and whole ingredients have a whole shelf life. The first product with that being said was a body lotion, it covers our biggest organ.. our SKIN which absorbs approx. 60 – 80% of what we put on it.

What inspires you every day
I am inspired by knowledge and personal growth.

What are your 3 favourite/highly recommended products + why

  1. Original face elixir for hydration, balance and control. The perfect moisturizer for all skin types.. by far our best seller : ) comes in a 1 oz and a 2 oz size!

  2. I love our Pinched lip and cheek tint, it gives a perfect natural bricky red color and is great on most skin types. A great base or build it up for a deeper shade. Smells like chocolate and is good enough to eat!

  3. Any scent of our body balm is a must have for a whole ingredient full body moisturizer.


rope bowls, baskets
and bags

What does your morning vs your evening ritual look like
I love slow mornings complete with adaptogenic coffee and sour dough toast while posting and responding to both Instagram accounts, answering emails prepping for the day and getting lunch sorted. I have a very simple skincare regime and an easy 5-minute makeup before I’m out the door. usually some kind of mask or face massage with multi-reflexology tools. it’s important for me to eat well, sleep enough and practice some kind of self-care in a day.

Any products in particular you'd recommend for a tired mama
I highly recommend incorporating beautiful products that contain whole ingredients into your daily rituals so that every routine feels special and sacred, a rich body balm that encourages a whole body massage when applied, a floral toner that promotes hydration and relaxation, a face elixir that nourishes skin and senses... all things contributing to calm and piece of mind. Connecting to your daily doings strengthens the connection to yourself.

Any products in particular you'd recommend for self care
Our newest bath soak which is tops for a full soak or fun to do with kiddies as a foot soak. Our pinched cheek and lip tint is great for quick and easy mornings. Youth Dew face elixir, Darling flora toner and Boheme body balm for a full Harlow experience ; )


Connecting to your daily doings strengthens the connection to yourself.