Building Community with a Local DTES School

Every year for my birthday we do a sweat session, and instead of gifts we raise funds. And with those funds, we donate them to a local DTES elementary school. The most recent birthday we all did a spin class at my fave studio, Ride Cycle Club.

Our Anak Ride Cycle Club

This is only our second year doing this, but it was just as amazing. And this time the kids headed to a field trip up to a local tourist mountain and got to spend the day enjoying wildlife and habitat education, First Nations' cultural experiences and more.

Truth be told, my two older kids skipped school for the day so that we could all join the kids from this school for their field trip. This was definitely a memorable day for everyone.

I’m already making plans for the next birthday sweat session, and what fun event we’re going to do with the Elementary School kids next. If you’re interested in coming out + being part of the celebration please feel free to give us a shout! The more the merrier.