Paying it Forward at a Local Inner City School

This year instead of a standard Valentine’s Day dinner for two, I wanted to do something different… a little bigger, and a little outside of the box. And so of course I reached out to my trusty gang of friends that are always game for my crazy ideas.

When the mamas come together magic happens.

When the mamas come together magic happens.

I put it out there to see if anybody was interested in donating, either through monetary donations or time, and the call was more than answered. We raised enough money, and had enough helpers to surprise a local inner city elementary school with hot lunch + fun chocolatey treats on Valentine’s Day.

A small gang of us (and kids + toddlers in tow) got together to surprise 150 students + about 30 awesome staff with a Valentine’s Day hot lunch, cookies, chocolates and some fun hang out time. Check out the video below to see all the fun we got in to!

Are you free to join us for some community fun next time. Let us know, give us a shout. We’d love to hear from you + all your ideas!