Birthday Party Hacks

Whenever one of the kid’s special day of the year rolls around, the goal is to have as low key a birthday as possible. But you know… guest lists grow, fun ideas are born, and before you know it, a full blown birthday party is in the works. That being said, there are a few hacks that make party planning a little simpler (sort of ;)

Lots of fun colouring things for the kids. Chalk for the ground, glitter tattoos for their arms, and colouring books for the arts + crafts table.

Food. Sometimes I like to leave it to the professionals, especially when there are a lot of hungry mouths to feed. And so the newest addition to party time is the food truck, problem solved. They drive up, provide fresh warm + delicious food, all on plates with cutlery + ready to go. Win! I’m also a big fan of bite size, or easy to hold desserts… like, donuts. And most recently I found a local donut company who does letter donuts. Yum!

And last but not least, we can’t forget about keeping the kids entertained. And more importantly, burning off all that extra sugar from all the birthday treats. Some of our favourite activities include the bouncy castle, hop scotch, Lego, dance party, basketball, hockey (so Canadian, I know ;) and more.

What are some of your favourite birthday must haves? How do you love to celebrate special occasions?