Yum... On Main Street.

Fridays are our family date night, so we treat the kids (and ourselves) to something sweet and a movie at home. This week we checked out a new super fun, and super delicious place called Yum Sweet Shop. We literally were kids in a candy store... myself included, lol!

The shop was filled with bulk candy, packaged candy, old school sweets, ice cream, chocolate + sprinkle covered cones, ice cream sandwiches wedged in between cookies, lollipops, floats and more... Plus lots of space for strollers + seating, a parents dream ;)

So if you're looking for the perfectly perfect spot to indulge (with our without the kids) this is definitely the place for you, Yum Sweet Shop, open daily from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm, at 4150 Main St, Vancouver. Enjoy!