Collecting Dollars for a Cause, In Lieu of Birthday Gifts

Because I always like to put a little twist when celebrating my birthday, my most recent one was no exception. What did we do this time around? Boxing. And instead of gifts, we paid-it-forward. This year I collected donations for a local inner city school's kindergarten class to use for something to celebrate them.

We boxed at my favourite (and go to) studio, All City Boxing, where the classes kick your ass and the people lift you up. A short little walk down an alleyway, into a backdoor entrance, to their underground studio, lit with neon signs and filled with killer music.

All City Boxing

With a crew of mostly parents (and a heck of a lot of badass mamas), everybody was more than happy to donate to the cause. We raised over $1100 for the kindergartners... while enjoying a good sweat.

And what did the kindergarteners do with this little gift? Well, my youngest + myself had the pleasure of going to their school, hanging out with the kids for a music + dance class and giving them this little gift.

New post coming soon on our hang out with the kindergartners, and what they're planning on doing with the donation.

All City Boxing Birthday

Who's coming to celebrate next time?