When Mamas Get Together

We eat... well as much as we can in between chasing + feeding the kids. This passed Mother's Day was no different. We've been celebrating Mama's Day together every year since 2012, and our group has grown from 15 to over 50, most of that being babies + kids.

Mothers Day 2018

So what do we look for when booking a space that needs to squeeze that many bodies into it? Stroller access, number of high chairs available to use, nearby parking, set menu, kids menu, and if there's a food + beverage minimum to hit or not (good food doesn't hurt either).

These celebrations are chaotic, meals get interrupted by diapers to be changed, breast-feeding and bottle-warming, crying babies, toddler tantrums, keeping kids entertained, and more, but we love it and wouldn't have it any other way. It's a great excuse for everyone to get together, see how big the kids have gotten, catch up, trade battle stories, share survival tips, laughs, tears, plan mama vacations + getaways, and maybe even get to enjoy some delicious food (and alcoholic beverages, lol).

Mama + Baby Kisses
Mothers Day Mamas

What can't you wait to celebrate?