Keeping Up With... The Kids

The parents are always outnumbered at our get-togethers, so how do we get to enjoy some food and conversation? By keeping the kids entertained of course. Tried, tested and true ammunition, we keep the kids preoccupied with colouring books, playdoh, wax craft sticks, etc. Sometimes we take the entertainment step a whole other level + a professional is brought in.

Case in point... Our Magical Fairy Friend.
She came, she saw, she conquered - With singing, dancing, dress up and even face-painting for the kids.

As for venue, always do your research. We like to make sure there’s enough space for all the families + friends, delicious food options, space for strollers or car seats, wheel-accessible, and some space to move about.

And one final expense we like to pool our funds together for... a photographer. Any parent knows how hard it is juggling your family, kids, getting situated, feeding them, cleaning up spills, changing diapers, and the list goes on. We defnitely try our tried taking photos, with a digital SLR, pocket camera, iPhone, but nothing beats having a photographer capture all those special + funny candid moments, editing the set of photos, and then emailing it to the group. Totally worth the expense.

What are some must haves for your events?