Our Growing Holiday Traditions

What started off as holiday eats with a few friends, including 6 of our own kids, has grown into an annual tradition. Christmas brunch has turned into about 20 families, which includes 33 little ones. How do we make this happen... with a lot of early planning. Lol!

Research, research, research. We make resos at a restaurant about 3 months out. We have to consider things such as stroller space, high chairs, food + beverage minimums, adults vs kids menus, parking, accessibility and more.

The kids have a Secret Santa gift exchange (because really getting 30+ gifts is excessive). And this year we lowered the suggested amount to spend on the kids gifts, and in lieu each family pitched in the difference in cash saved to the Cause We Care Foundation, a local Vancouver initiative by women for single mothers and their kids, who  support their development, growth and offer relief for those in need in our community. Not only that, but our holiday donation was matched dollar for dollar.


It's always chaotic, but it's always a good time. What are your traditions? How do you survive the chaos.... errr, holidays :)