Because Being a Mama is Reason Enough to Celebrate

As mentioned I like to celebrate. Any reason to celebrate really. And what better reason to get together than to simply celebrate being a kick ass mama. The cold pressed juice was served, the cupcakes were flowing, and the kids were keeping busy with lots to play with.


Just surviving a day

as a mama deserves
some cheers

On this sunny day I wanted to put on a little get together to treat some awesome mamas I know, to a day of fun. And let's be honest, since mamas are pretty much always on duty, it was a super kid friendly event.

I recently told a friend, "you don't give yourself enough credit". Who hasn't been there before? So let's celebrate the big successes, the little wins, the hurdles, the humps, the laughs, the cries and everything in between.

So cheers to the mamas... You rock + you don't even know how much you do.