It Only Happens Once... A Year

So planning my first baby's first birthday was a big deal and exciting time. Did I go over the top with everything, of course (lol). Did I promise that this was going to be the last kids party this big, you know it. But like all those unplanned late nights out with friends and one too many drinks, where you wake up in a blur the next day and promise to never do that again, so goes the kids birthday party planning.

Second baby came along, so of course figured they'll need a big first birthday too. And then third baby came along, and wouldn't you know it, big first birthday as well. And then I just gave in and realized, it's not only about celebrating the little monster's birthday, but more so a great excuse for friends and family to get together, who haven't seen each other all year. It doesn't get better than that!




This way

to the party...

And we started something new for this birthday. We asks guests not to bring any gifts, honestly their presence is present enough (true story). So in lieu of gifts, if guests do want to give the kids something, they can make a donation to the BC Children's Hospital, or to consider a monetary gift towards the kids education (the gift that keeps on giving). 

How do you celebrate, with friends, with family, with classmates? Any old traditions, or new ones your family has started?