Ride Cycle Club vs Fundraiser

We’re all about building community + supporting at whatever capacity somebody needs; and earlier this year a dear friend who I’ve known since we were about 4 years old, was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. So what happens during trying times like this… we gather together.

Since 2017 Daniel felt pain every time he took a breath. From there he spent over a year getting X-rays, CT scans, bone scans and going to many doctors appointments, but he still had no answers.

We teamed up with one of my favourite studios, Ride Cycle Club, to host a Ride x Fundraiser class, and we were overwhelmed by the support. Friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, back in the day schoolmates, and more.

A big thank you + so much love to everyone who showed up and donated, and we can’t forget about Ride Cycle Club who supported this entire event + Juice Mama for their delicious organic cold pressed juice. Without you none of this magic could be possible. Thank you X a million!

On Feb 1st 2019 Daniel had surgery to investigate and biopsy the thickened tissue around his right lung. A week and half later he was diagnosed with a very rare cancer called Epithelioid Hemangioenothlioma (EHE). It is a cancer under the umbrella of Sarcomas, and very rare at that. So rare that the estimated incidence of this tumour is less than 1 per million people. Unlike other known cancers, research has been very limited, and therefore, there is no proven effective therapy.

To learn more about Daniel’s journey, or to donate, please head here.