When Mamas Vacay

Just like a unicorn, when you have a newborn, babies, or kids, going on vacation without any of your babes may seem like a mythical far away dream. Remember those days before kids, families, regular responsibilities? Remember those care-free days? Spontaneous Days? Time with your friends, days? Yeah, we barley do either, lol…

NYC: Before we were mamas, 10 years ago.

NYC: Before we were mamas, 10 years ago.

But we’re re-writing the rules of motherhood, and we’re creating the time + space to take vacations again; to explore, to sleep in, to adventure in new places, and to do it all with your babies at home in good hands.

Vacations with kids may not happen right away, hell enjoying a meal that’s not the kids leftovers may not happen quickly either, but with the goal in mind + baby steps towards it, a little “you time” will happen again. Whether is starts with a walk to the coffee shop solo, a day trip with friends for a couple of hours drive away, it’ll happen. I’m not talking about just vacationing without kids, but you will find yourself again… or more so, find a new you, create new rules + new joy again.