More Of That Mama Magic

At Our Anak’s most recent Motherhood Retreat there were a lot of new faces attending, and I was super stoked about it. One of them being, Bridgette. She had this cool, badass mama energy about her + I’m so excited to have her featured here in the community.

Mama Bridgette Clare

Mama + Baby Sade

What is your name + how many kids do you have
Bridgette Clare and I have a one year old daughter, named Sade 

What interested you about working with WeeSleep

When Sade was 6 months old I was tired, I mean tired (mamas - you feel me?) and my (very smart) hubby said "we should try this sleep coaching program my friend did". I immediately booked with Kailee at WeeSleep, we did the program and within 4 days Sade was sleeping through the night (bless!).

Having a proven, gentle plan to follow, and guidance of a coach to guide us through the process I felt supported and like I was doing what was best for our family. It was one of the best decisions we've made! I'm such an advocate for the program and want to be able to help families get the sleep they deserve.

What are 3 things most mamas come to you about
In one word, support.

As a part of Megan Soutar's Soul Purpose Program (shout out Megan!), I learned I support people by always being there for them, listening and accepting them exactly as they are, without judgement and giving good advise. I'll hype you up, have your back and will share whatever knowledge I have with you.

If you're looking for a baby or toddler sleep coach or want to know more about what that even means, book a free 15 min consult with me here: (Personally, I totally recommend this super loving + super supportive mama. She caught wind of my “vampire baby” escaping her crib struggles, and gave me a shout right away to see if she could do anything to support. Now that’s mama love, she just gets it.)

What is one piece of advice you'd give to new or expecting mamas
As they say, this to shall pass (good and bad, it's all here only now, and will soon pass. As much as you can enjoy it all, as it's happening) 

Mama Bridgette Clare

How do you treat yourself to some "you time"

Beyonce's Homecoming or spin class. But mostly, Beyonce's Homecoming

To learn more about Bridgette + learn more about her WeeSleep Program, check her out here.