Saturday March 2nd is our next Motherhood Retreat

The Day
Upon arrival, you’ll get to eat delicious, local, mama-owned food (Because enjoying a meal with no interruptions is a treat all in itself). We’ll then move onto a conversation led by Taraneh of Mind On Spirit, around Parenting for Peace + Consciousness, followed by a fiery sweat session with magic-mama Katie.

Building a community of rad, like-minded, supportive, dynamic & hustlin’ mamas.

The Talk
Conscious parenting is a complete shift in perspective on parenting: one that allows us to move into a higher state of awareness and mindfulness, making choices in our relationship with our child (and beyond) that free us of unhelpful, conditioned patterns of behaviour. Parenting in this ways is not at all about perfection or achievement. It is about restoring ourselves to wholeness for healthy, happy relationships.

The Sweat
Don’t sweat “The Sweat” portion of the day. It’ll be led by an amazing mama who’s there to support you all on your journey. The movements are great for any level of fitness, and are totally scalable to each mamas needs.

The Eats
We’ll be treated to delicious food, made by local mama-owned companies; Field & Social, The Graze Company will be in the house. And what event would be complete without something a little sweet, so Rain Or Shine Ice Cream will be available as well.

You can purchase your tickets here
Hope you can join in on the fun. We look forward to hanging with you for a relaxing afternoon.


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Motherhood Retreat