Let's Talk About Sex Baby

The baby has arrived. You're slowly starting to heal, slowly adjusting to this whole newborn baby + no sleeping thing, and slowly getting the hang of breastfeeding. You go to your doctor's for the 6 week postpartum check up and you've been given the okay to have sex. But wait, are you ready? Like are we sure all the body parts that were so pushed to their limits, maybe even beyond, are ready to go back to "normal" after a mere couple of weeks? Why aren't us mamas + women talking about it more? I don't know about you but honestly I was a little terrified of going back to "normal". I just pushed a baby out, do I really want something going back in? And that's where Dr Renee Lanctot comes in. I was lucky enough to cross paths with this extraordinary powerhouse of a woman, and had many awesome conversations about marriage, sex, children, sisterhood, womanhood, relationships, and the list just goes on and on. So I'm very excited to get her expertise on whatever you'd like to know. And thus the "Dear Dr Renee" section was born.


Ask Dr Renee

In short, I like to call her the Sex Doctor

Before we start talking about very personal issues, maybe it would be a good idea to introduce myself to all of you. Where I come from is as important as where I am going in life. It helped forge who I am in terms of character but also in terms of beliefs. All my degrees are related to the human body. I find it absolutely fascinating and continuously marvel at how it all fits together. My undergrad was in Exercise Sciences followed by a Masters degree in Kinesiology and a Doctorate degree in Human Sexuality. Add to this Sexual Education certification and here I am.


Let's talk

about what we don't usually talk about

I didn’t understand why people never talked about sex when I was growing up. The uncomfortable pauses, the quick change of subject, the blushing cheeks were all signs screaming at me to talk about something more common, more accepted, less taboo. I must admit, I am very happy I did not give in and take the easy way out. I have always wanted to know more about sex. I wanted to know the science behind it; I wanted to know about how it would make me feel if I tried this and that and I wanted to know about other people and what they tried. Sex became a big part of my life. Apart from my doctorate degree in human sexuality, I read about it in books and research papers as well as in erotica. I discuss it with most people I meet regardless of their age. I look at people’s interactions and pick up the flirting and sexual dance we perform when we are next to someone we like.  Sex in my life is normal. There is no “special” time to talk about it. If you have a question, a comment or an anecdote now is always a good time to say it. I believe it is crucial to normalize sex. It is time to take it out from where too many generations have placed it in a dark place where no one should do it, touch it or talk about it. After all, sex is a part of everyone’s life from birth till death. To understand the physical, physiological, sexual changes that go on at different stages of your life can greatly increase your sexual journey and satisfaction throughout your life.


When I talk with you in this blog, I will normalize sex. I will not shy away from using correct terminology. I will say if a behavior is unhealthy and I will give graphic examples. I look forward to getting to know this group and to start the conversation going on this wonderful topic of sex!