Brunching with Bab(i)es

I love brunch, well food in general, and these days I tote a little extra around on my lunch dates... babies - three to be exact. Luckily majority of my girlfriends are bringing their babes with them too. I like to call it, enjoying chaos all together. Lol!

But really, who doesn't enjoy their girlfriend time. It's been a learning curve since baby #1 (really though, still learning something new every day). Wondering... Should I pack baby food, or should I just order something off the menu (which entails being keen enough to look at the menu ahead of time), how many hours are we going to be out for, will this interfere with nap time, what to pack to keep the kids entertained, etc.

This may make it sound like quite a production just to head out for one meal, but definitely worth the quality time with friends. Once it's been done a handful of times, it gets easier. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

This may sound strange (or maybe totally normal), but with baby #1 I was nervous AF for my first few outings solo. I thought... Is baby going to cry? Where will I breast feed? If they start banging spoons on the table, will people turn around and stare? Who knows? And really, who cares. I've learned (for the most part), to not sweat the small stuff. You're a mama. We're all mamas. You've got amazing babies, even more amazing friends and family. And you deserve some down time to just sit back, chat, relax, enjoy some awesome catch up time, and even more awesome food.

And after all of that food talk I'm craving some avo/toast and a lavender latte. Who's coming?