Drop The Cover: Breastfeeding

What is your name, how many kids do you have, and how old are they
My name is Lindsay White, owner/operator of The Little Milk Bar. I have to pretty cool kiddos, Allie (6) and Koda (1)

Before kids what were your goals/what were you up to, and how did that shift after kids
Before I had kids my career was my number one focus, and traveling the world. I wanted to be as high up in the corporate world as I possibly could and visit places I only read about in books. After having kids, I still traveled (a ton), although my outlook on my career definitely shifted. I still had the drive to be successful, but working long hours was no longer ideal. I wanted a career where I could work from home when needed, where I could spend more time with my kids and take them to soccer practice when I needed.

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I wanted a career where I could work from home when needed

Where I could spend more time with my kids and take them to soccer practice when I needed

What are you passionate about, and how did you grow that into a business
I'm incredibly passionate about breastfeeding. I remember being a young, new mom and always wondering if "I could feed her here" or worrying about breastfeeding before we left the house to avoid the shaming. I never wanted any other mother to ever feel that way. I wanted to help give them the courage to feed their baby wherever and whenever they needed to. Which is why I created The Baby Blanket (Boobs). It's a hundred different things... but it's NOT a nursing cover, unless YOU want it to be :)

What are some of your favourite products and why
Blanqi... they have the BEST maternity and nursing leggings on the planet. So comfy and cute! The Solly baby wrap is a must have in our household, I don't leave the house without it. It allows me to keep my baby close and hold him, hands free! He absolutely LOVES it. Honest Breath Easy Rub has been a lifesaver for us. Whenever Koda gets congested, it helps clear it up so he can sleep at night.

Image courtesy of instagram.com/blanqigirls

Image courtesy of instagram.com/blanqigirls

Is there anything different for you regarding breastfeeding baby #1 vs baby #2
There's definitely a HUGE difference in breastfeeding Allie (now 5) and Koda (8 months). When breastfeeding Allie I was hiding in bathroom stalls, parked cars and dressing rooms to feed her. I was a young mom and didn't really know anyone else who was breastfeeding so I just didn't know. I thought that's what you did. And with Koda, my perspective has completely changed. I feed him wherever he gets hungry without even thinking twice. I'm 100% more confident with breastfeeding this time around.

Do you have any advice for 1st time mamas about life with a newborn/breastfeeding
Yes! Feed that baby!!!! Haha. Seriously, I hope you don't ever feel that you have to "hide" while breastfeeding. It's already stressful enough. Breastfeeding is hard, it's stressful, but know that you're not alone. It's easy to see beautiful breastfeeding pics (especially with social media), but don't let it fool you... MANY moms lose a LOT of sleep and countless tears getting through it (especially at first). It's not all butterflies and rainbows.

What are 3 products you can't live without
Of course our Boobs Blanket, I don't leave the house without it. My HelloBaby video monitor, it's amazing. I love being able to hit the speaker button and talk to my baby through it. And my organic bamboo nursing pads so I don't leak through my shirts. They're reusable so you can just throw 'em in the washer (best ever). I don't remember the brand, I just bought them off Amazon.

How do you spend some "you time"
Allie is in kindergarten so when Koda goes down for his early morning nap. I set an alarm on my phone for 15 minutes and I read. When the timer goes off I set another timer for 10 minutes and meditate. THIS is my me time. Once I do those two things, I can move forward with my day. Also, I bathe with Koda every night. I wash him up then call for the hubby, he comes to grab Koda and gets him ready for bed... And I stay in the tub an extra 15 minutes to just relax alone.

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