Planting Seeds of Nourishment

I first had the pleasure of meeting Yvette over a decade ago, before we were mothers, while we were both working at an office together. She was always an amazing soul, and one of the things that always stood out about her was her love, passion and skill, not just at life but for making delicious, nourishing and healing food.

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Meet this Magical Mama
Yvette DuMouchel
1 child
Named Bodhi

What do you do
I’m a holistic nutritionist and a lover of food. I operate a business called Food on the Table in which I offer private cooking services, cooking and nutrition classes and a blog with weekly recipes and nutrition tips.

My “Chef at Home” private cooking service provides busy households with delicious and nourishing meals. I cook primarily for busy professionals with kids, new and expecting families and people with food intolerances (celiac, diabetic, IBS etc.) This part of my job is very rewarding because I know that I'm nourishing families with healthy home cooked meals. I love building relationships with the families especially the ones I've worked with over a long period of time. It's great when my clients become my friends!

I also teach cooking and nutrition classes! My focus with these classes is to demystify what it takes to cook simple, nourishing and delicious meals and teach the “basics and beyond” of whole food cooking. There's SO much information out there and it can be overwhelming, especially if there are different nutritional needs within a household. Nutrition is very simple and with a basic understanding and tools on how to implement this into your lifestyle, it can become a fun way to practice self care and make delicious food! I’m currently working on bringing my classes to an online platform to make them more accessible to everyone.

I blog regularly at offering recipes that meet my criteria for simple, nourishing and delicious meals, along with practical and juicy tidbits of nutrition information.I recently authored a cookbook called Planting Seeds of Nourishment, a cookbook for kids (and their adults too!) with over 40 whole food based snack recipes with photos and lots nutrition information. It’s available in e-book or print copies.

Food on the Table
I’m a holistic nutritionist and a lover of food. My “Chef at Home” private cooking service provides busy households with delicious and nourishing meals. I also teach cooking and nutrition classes!

When did you come to realize you had a passion for nutrition, and how did you build that into a business

I’ve been interested in food and wellness since as long as I can remember! I’m fortunate enough to have a loving mom that prepared fresh, whole and delicious meals for us growing up...not a whole lot of processed food, TV dinners or take out, except for the occasional pizza delivery!


In 2007 - 2008 I studied at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. A few years after graduating I began nutritional consulting. The one common theme that continually came up was that many of the folks I worked with just didn’t have the basic skills or knowledge on how to prepare nourishing food for themselves. I could suggest food, herbs and supplements until I was blue in the face but unless a person had a basic understanding of how to incorporate basic cooking and nutrition skills into their lives, it didn’t mean much. Thus was born my 8 part Cooking and Nutrition Basics and Beyond Course (and other classes that I continue to add) which includes meal planning (a life saver!) fermenting foods, soaking nuts and grains, incorporating more veggies,  making bone stocks, sugar and baking alternatives and much more.

The other part of my business, “Chef at Home”private cooking service birthed from my time as a birth and postpartum Doula. While I was building my Doula practice I recognized how crazy and intense the transition can be after baby is born and the one thing that I thought would be extremely valuable was to prepare and stock my clients’ fridge so they didn’t have to think about where their next meal was coming from and simply focus on their family. I no longer practice as a Doula (since the birth of my son), so I love when I get hired by new and expecting families and get to be around babies while I prepare food in their homes! It keeps me connected to that world. I know this service is truly appreciated and needed.

What does life balance look like for you
My life balance is always changing. Sometimes I need more rest, while other times I require more focus, it’s a constant ebb and flow. Both my partner and I are self employed / entrepreneurs, we strive to be active and conscious parents to our 4 year old son, we foster creative and physical hobbies (skiing, snowboarding, dancing, writing, sewing, biking, travelling etc) and enjoy an active social lives amongst family and friends. These are the things that fill my cup <3

Currently, what is one of your favourite dishes + what do you love about it
Anything with cauliflower! Cauliflower rice, crispy roasted cauliflower, curried cauliflower soup, cauliflower salad with chickpeas and lemon tahini sauce, Shephard’s pie with mashed cauliflower, cauliflower steaks. You get the picture...cauliflower, cauliflower, cauliflower!!


Current fave dishes...

Anything with cauliflower! Cauliflower rice, crispy roasted cauliflower, curried cauliflower soup, cauliflower salad with chickpeas and lemon tahini sauce, Shephard’s pie with mashed cauliflower, cauliflower steaks. You get the picture ;)

When people bring you into their homes, what are some of their most popular needs or popular requests of you. What's something you hear time + time again

I often work with clients that have many different nutritional requirements within a family parameter which can make meal preparation a nightmare for some folks! With my background in holistic nutrition and experience working within so many different households, I’m usually able to create the perfect menu that will satisfy everyone at the table.

My clients are usually very busy people, they love that all they have in do is “Heat and Eat” and they know that that they’re getting high quality, delicious and nourishing food  made with TLC.


What is something you love cooking/baking with your child
My child loves to cut veggies! He has his own set of chefs knives (for kids) and a cutting board, so as long as he can help me with some light chopping, he’s a happy guy. He also loves to power up any of my motorized appliances (blender, food processor). He was my main food tester for my new cookbook, he's very open to trying different foods.

In fact, whenever I blend something in my food processor or blender, he likes to be the taste tester, regardless if it's something sweet, savoury or spicy. I think with kids it's important to give them opportunities to try different foods. They won't always like it, and that's ok but allowing them to experience different flavours and textures with open up their palette and help them become more adventurous and find an appreciation for food.

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Daily Rituals

5-10 minutes of pranayama (focused breathing)

20 minutes of meditation





5-10 minutes of pranayama (focused breathing)



Visualization and writing in my journal




Snuggles with my son        

How do you spend your down time/"you time"

  • What down time? Haha, joking!
  • I recently joined a gym called 30 Minute Hit and LOVE it! Great work out and community of women, only a 30 minute workout which is manageable in my schedule and I feel so badass when I'm kicking and punching the crap out of B.O.B!
  • My friend Joni gives the BEST shiatsu seriously, the BEST!
  • I love sewing and when I make time, I love sewing costumes for the family!
  • Going to the Art of Sauna (my new fave place!)
  • Catching up with my girlfriends (at art of sauna on ladies night or over a bottle of wine!)
  • Friday date night with my guy
  • Gardening in our backyard with the family
  • Family vacations, festivals and road trips. 
  • Shredding Cypress or Whistler with the family. My son is becoming a great skier, he follows us around on the runs like a little duckling!
  • Sitting in silence / stillness. Lying on the kitchen floor...a weird thing I've done since I was a kid!
  • Reading & writing.
  • Visualizing & manifesting my dreams.
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What are 3 items in the kitchen you can't live without

Vitamix and food processor 

Sharp knife

Loving my new Instant Pot. Believe the hype!