Same questions. Different mamas.

We ask 3 of the same questions to a variety of mamas to get a glimpse of how the beginning of motherhood was for them. We all have different experiences, but we can definitely all empathize... share, learn, listen. 


Meet mama Iliana, owner, operator and creative behind Fun Fiesta by ili + Chic Fete. She shares her experience with us below, and we love her because of her fire, her sharp wit, her big heart and killer comedy, mama's got jokes. 


How would you describe the new + unexpected life with a newborn in a few words

Who is this baby, and what is it doing in my house? After the initial shock wore off it was survival mode for me followed by love and a deep belief that my baby was unlike any other and could stop world hunger with a single toothless smile.

How did you survive
I ate White spot (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for the first month. Ha! Kidding! What new mom has time for breakfast and dinner. Let me rephrase, I ate White Spot for lunch for the first month.

If only you knew then what you know now
I would say F*it more often. Running late for that dinner? F*it, I'm not going. Baby isn't registered for music class yet? F*it, baby will survive. Too tired to host family coming over? F*it, I'm cancelling. Do you. Do what works for you and makes things easier for you and your new baby.