Why Marriage is Like Thanksgiving Turkey

I love the TV series Black'ish, and one of their most recent episodes really stood out for me. Bow + Dre (parents to 5 who are currently going through a marital rough patch) went to see a marriage counselor, here's what she had to say.

Blackish Bow + Dre

"Sometimes we get comfortable in our lives, and we forget to do the work. Think about life as Thanksgiving Dinner, and your marriage is the turkey, the turkey is the centrepiece. But once it's in the oven, it's good by itself for a while so you start to focus on the sides. Your kids, work, house, vacations, and all that stuff is great but you realize you haven't checked on the turkey in a while. You guys have neglected the most important thing... you."

Anyways, after almost 10 years marriage and 3 children I know this statement to true. We can't neglect the family foundation, and that's us. Whether it's the parents, co-parents, single parents, caretakers, we have to put in the work to ourselves in order to be full enough to be there for the family.