"Angry Perfection?" You Learn Something New Every Day

Tonight I attended one of Stephanie's, All The Mama Feels, events... talks... errrr, mamas night's out. I didn't know what to expect when I signed up for the event, but figured a night out without the kids, in a room full of mamas, with wine, is a good idea, so why not.

Hanging out at lululemon Lab in Gastown, Vancouver

Hanging out at lululemon Lab in Gastown, Vancouver

Steph is a mama to one, a feminist, a leadership coach (and one heck of a truth speaker)... but more than that, she is a communicator, a connector, and within a couple of hours, she was able to make a room full of strangers a tribe who openly shared their raw mama ups, downs, challenges and created a room full of empathy + empowerment.

All The Mama Feels

There will be magic and probably some tears. But only happy tears.


Lead by leadership coach Steph Jhala of All The Mama Feels.

My automatic instinct was to stay in my comfort zone, just sit, listen and enjoy a quiet evening, but Steph challenges you to go against that, and so I shared with the mama I sat beside, I even stood up and shared stories. We all enjoyed some laughs, some tears, a lot of empathy, a lot of "yaasssss", a lot of "me too", a lot of "I totally get it", a lot of wine sips and more.

In this quick evening filled with lots of conversation and some on-the-spot homework (with wine + cookies in hand), we learned something new (or maybe not so new) about ourselves. For me it's something I like to call "Angry Perfection", lol. So hope you can join me next time for another All The Mama Feels event, and we can chat more about my new self-defined "Angry Perfection" or what the kids stuck in the toilet, what milestone they reached, or what mamas trip (yes, a no kids vacay) we enjoyed last. Like how you can't describe what giving birth is like, you just have to come out for a night out with Steph to understand all the mama feels.