I had the pleasure of going to the Vancouver Art Gallery for the #VAGxMURAKAMI exhibit, showcasing Takashi Murakami's "The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg", and I was blown away. I enjoyed a guided tour walking us through the artist's early work to his more present day creations, and loved the growth in every different era. Not just that but the guided education and meaning behind each character and piece.

I naively previously believed that he created a bunch of cute cartoon characters and got to do some cool collabs with fashion brands... but there's really so much more behind it. I loved it so much that I actually made another date to go see it again a couple days later, but this time took my husband and 3 kids as dates.

The exhibition takes its title “The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg” from an ancient Japanese parable, tako ga jibun no ashi wo kurau. It refers to a situation in which one survives for the time being by feeding on or sacrificing oneself. The octopus eats its own leg to survive, but does so knowing the tentacle will regenerate. The phrase symbolises the cyclical nature of Murakami’s practice and the creative output of the Kaikai KiKi studio. Murakami is the octopus: he consumes history, culture and even his own oeuvre and fame to persevere as an artist.

In the Rotunda

In the Rotunda

So my 2nd trip back to see VAGxMURAKAMI I had to take the kids. And was pleasantly surprised to learn that on Sundays at the VAG children 12 + under are free (score!) Not just that, but the Vancouver Art Gallery offers complimentary guided tours on Thursdays + Saturdays (which I tried to replicate for my husband but don't think I did it justice, lol). None the less he did learn some new facts about Murakami's work. 

Murakami Vancouver Art Gallery

And of course we worked up a good appetite, so we headed across the street to Notch8 Restaurant & Bar. Mama needs a cocktail... (specifically their Lavender Corpse Reviver, mmmmm).