Grow Your Roots

Have you heard? There's a new movement in town and they go by the name, Grow Your Roots.

I originally met Alex through taking her killer 6AM Strength + Sweat classes, and eventually we got to chatting. It's only after one sweaty early morning where I learned that she + her business party, Cally, were building Grow Your Roots, a mindful movement geared towards youth developing awareness of the body and mind in order to become more resilient, kind, strong, and compassionate individuals while dramatically reducing [and preventing] stress, anxiety, and depression.

This movement is just encompassed with a whole lot of awesome. Alex + Cally are energetic, compassionate + motivating rock stars themselves. Mix that together with a group of children ready to learn + grown, and only success can come from it.

Grow Your Roots at Barre Fitness

Why does this project excite me so much? Because it's something I definitely would have benefited from when I was younger. With so much going on in the world today and trying to navigate it all with 3 kids in tote, I'm so excited that there's a place for youth to stop, slow down, get grounded and grow their roots through mindful movement.

This Saturday, April 7 2018 from 2PM - 5PM Grow Your Roots, a children's mindful movement program, would like to invite you to their Grand Opening Fundraiser at Lagree West Kitsilano. They will be hosting an optional 40 minute megaformer class led by Alex Miller and a 20 minute guided meditation by Cally Bailey, Co-Founders of Grow Your Roots. Drinks and snacks provided. You are more than welcome to bring your children, however they will not be able to participate in the Megaformer portion of the event.

Check out Our Community section for more details, and to purchase tickets/donate.


B Mackenzie