What started off as a casual get together between friends, has grown into an annual holiday event filled with over a dozen families (majority of that being kids). Before we became parents, we promised ourselves that we would always try our best to carve out the time to spend with friends… and we stuck to it. So how do you create a game plan for brunch with over 60 people? With a whole lot of research before hand ;)

The goal?
To find a restaurant large enough, that has space for strollers, has available high chairs to use, provides an adult menu + kids menu, doesn’t have a crazy minimum food + beverage spend (one place quoted us $8,000 *gasp*), and delicious food.

Gift giving was easy when there were only 4 babies, but that number has since multiplied by about 7. And so we opted for Secret Santa gift exchange just between the kiddies. A great way to get each babe what they really want, without breaking the bank.

And two must haves… Entertainment for the kiddies, and a professional photographer to capture all those candid moments. This year we had a face painter for the kiddies, with holiday themed images. The kids loved it… and the parents got to enjoy their food (for a little moment anyways).

What do you love doing over the holidays?