In & Out Like a Dirty Shirt

I love visiting friends and families newborn babies just as much as the next person, but I have learned a little something along the way, I guess more so after having kids of my own.

Going through labour (it really is called labour for a reason), delivering a baby, learning how to breastfeed, the excitement of it all, the fatigue of it all, the hormones, emotions, and learning curves all equal one thing... One tired as hell mama, and rightfully so.

But hospital visits and at home pop-ins come with the territory, so lets try to make it as much of a treat for the mama as it is for the visitor.

Before having kids I would bring cute but totally useless stuffed toys, and would hang out and chat as if mama didn't have anything else to do, IE: sleep. But these days if I don't make it for a quick visit to the hospital (with some of mama's favourite food or dessert), I do pretty much a drive by at the house.

Of course we don't come empty handed, here are my visiting mama with a newborn go to's:

  • Food, baked goods
  • Something that's easily frozen to be eaten later
  • Diapers, wipes, baby bath wash and so on
  • Washing, drying + folding some laundry
  • Cleaning the dishes + putting them away
  • Or hanging with the baby so mama can get in a little rest

The first couple of months with a newborn is a tiring whirlwind, so let's help our mamas out with a little extra TLC. Because empathy rocks, we've all been there.