Celebrating Baby's First 100 Days

How old is your baby
My baby is now 2 years old.

What did you do to celebrate her 100 Days, and does it have any special name
We threw a 100 days dinner celebration when she turned just about 100 days old. In Chinese culture you're supposed to celebrate a baby's one month old birthday, but since it was too soon after her birth to plan anything, and we were tired as hell, we decided to follow the other tradition of doing a 100 day celebration (also has Asian roots).

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As the name states, it's to celebrate her "100 day birthday". We originally wanted to keep it small but it ended up being about 15-18 tables. I can't remember exactly, Lol. There are no rule as to how big or small a party to throw, it's totally up to the family. 

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A baby's 100 days birth celebration

represents the wish that the baby will live 100 years.

What does the menu include? Food + drinks, and why such an abundance.
The menu consists of traditional Chinese dishes, each having some significant meaning. There's an appetizer platter, a soup, a veggie dish or two, a chicken and fish dish, noodles and or rice, and then a dessert. Normally, a simple red dyed hard-boiled egg and noodles are always served, as to represent longevity of life.

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Is there a traditional gift that is given to the baby at this celebration
The traditional gift for this celebration is a red envelope, normally with a monetary gift inside also known as, lucky money. The red envelope itself may vary in meaning depending on the feature character on the outside, but it usually wishes the baby luck, longevity, health and peace.