Travelling with Kids... Yes, It Can Be Done

And it can be enjoyable (I swear, lol). When I had my first babe in 2012 and we were planning our first vacation as a little family, not gonna lie... I was nervous AF about the flight. How is she going to travel? What am I going to pack? Should I just pack everything because I don't know what they'll have available at the destination? (Which I legitly did, carrying 7 check-in items for 1 baby) What if she cries on the plane? What if passengers get angry at us? And on, and on, and on.

So I called up one of my best girlfriends, an inspiring mama of 3, who I like to call the modern Martha Stewart + she answered each and every one of my questions. And of course I have to share all the goods here.

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Meet Elle

Mama to 3

How many kids do you have

Where has your entire family travelled to
L.A., Chicago, Hawaii (Twice), New York, Los Cabos (5 Times), Orlando, Edmonton, Vietnam & Small Trips  like Tofino, Osoyoos, Penticton, Whistler, Seattle

Do you travel with anybody else, or is it just your nuclear family
Mostly just us 5, but a few times we've travelled with my parents & my brother's family of 5

When do you start booking tickets, and what are things you look for or make sure are included when booking
Depends if it's for a special event or not. If so, as soon as we are notified and when a seat sale shows up. Now that all 3 kids are in school we look into their breaks & plan a few months ahead. If we have some flexibility sometimes we do it just a month to a couple months in advance if there's a good price or sale on packaged deals.  And when booking, I just make sure to look at the reviews of the hotels, especially the reviews of the ones who have travelled with young kids.

How do you pack for all 3 kids (light + little, or heavy + huge?)
Depends on where we're going & for how long, but most importantly,  if there is a washer/dryer in our suite, then I'll pack only the essentials & wash them there

What type of accommodations do you book
We try to always book so that it's a close proximity to local main attractions (IE, downtown, shops,etc). If we're booking at a resort - make sure it has kid friendly pools, restaurants, in suite kitchen/laundry, etc? We're most comfortable in at least a 4 star spot, like to make sure it's clean, and opt for a suite - either family suite or villa. Other things to consider, do we rent a car, do we cab everywhere, we used to travel with car seats, or rent them locally, but lucky for us the kids have all outgrown them now.

How do you keep everyone alive + sane on the flight to + from
iPods & iPads (my kids are old now! Lol)
And wine... for me, Lol!

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Travelling with other families is great, then we can suffer... I mean enjoy all together ;)

With all the travelling you've done with your family, what is one piece of advice you'd give to new travelling families
Forget about routines, speciffic bed times & rules... Let go! Enjoy & savour every sight, sound & smell! Let your kids remember this as the most fun they've had! That's what counts. 

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And sometimes...

you get to enjoy a date night, just the two of you.