A Night of New Beginnings

Forget the beautifully curated + posed photos you see on Instagram. Erase those sleepy romantic middle of the night breastfeeding sessions you see in the movies. Let's fill a cozy earth-conscious beauty boutique with mamas, mamas-to-be, doctors, nurses, women and friends to have some no-holds-bar, real and raw conversation about motherhood.


I met Betty almost 6 years ago, prior to having any babies, and prior to having any idea of what motherhood would really be like. My husband and myself hired her to help out in getting the baby's room ready, and learned about other services she offered. I now refer to her as the "baby whisperer". Several years and 3 kids later, I'm blessed to call Betty, owner of New Beginnings and mother to 5, not only a close but an amazing friend.


"Whatever way you choose to raise your baby, I'm here to support you"

- Betty, Owner of New Beginnings + Mama to 5

This evening we had the opportunity to talk about what labour looks like, the birthplan (or rather, the idea of a birthplan + what really happens), the struggles of breastfeeding or the first couple of weeks home, things that happen to your body once the baby has arrived that people forgot to mention, postpartum and so much more. Several topics were covered, and women could jump in any time to share experiences, ask questions and most importantly have open, unjudgemental, no-ego, conversation about the ups and downs of motherhood.


3 Mamas + 9 Babies

Let's have some real talk