In the beginning...

We met at a red light. He was in his car, and I was on my motorcycle. His version of the story is that I asked for his number, but we all not that was not the case. Lol! We met, we dated, we got married, then we had kids. Seems easy enough, but the kids part was what really took me for a ride.

Based strictly on what I saw in the movies (and social media which now looking back is even more fictional) I really thought having a newborn, a toddler and young child would be a beautiful, relaxing, and smile-filled walk in the park. Boy, did that illusion quickly dissolve. I compare my babies first couple of months to what it might be like to raise Satan's spawn.

Anybody who is a mama (and a kick ass one at that) loves their babies more than life itself. A heart exploding, do anything, sacrifice everything, kind of love, but raising them is tough as shit. The universe doesn't only bless us with hours (or days) of contractions/labour, we then get to push this baby out (or go through a massive operation) only to then bring home a little being that is fully dependent on our care, which is a "bit of a challenge" especially when it's our first baby and we actually have absolutely no clue of what's going on because we are so sleep and food deprived.

In short, life gets better (much better) we learn as we go, we perfect some things, we ditch some ideologies we had in our head before we actually had kids, we ask questions, we share conversations, we cry (sometimes cry a lot), laugh even more and hopefully get to share this experience with some badass mamas along the way.

But seriously, why didn't anybody warn me about the learning curve? Why weren't their more conversations about the painful breastfeeding, engorgement, cracked nipples, grandma underwear, overnight pads, beyond sleepless nights and forgetting to eat meals. And that's where this site comes into play. Let's get real. I like to get my hair and nails done as much as the next person, I more than enjoy getting in a kick ass workout in, but there is a juggle that comes into all of that with kids, and we need to support one another on this one of a kind journey and surround ourselves with strong AF mothers who have as much love for the mama beside them as she does for her kids. Even though we all do things in a different way that works for our families, we're all in it together.

With love.

B Mackenzie